Reaching Lanie Kruszewski's Roadside Memorial on 4,500-mile Walk of Inspiration Across America

Good Afternoon, Ms. Kruszewski:

My name is George Throop, and I write to you upon having reached Henrico County, 4,500 miles into a Walk of Inspiration Across America. Having lost my mother to cancer in 1985, at age 9, I walk to promote healthy lifestyles (i.e., cancer prevention et al).
Without learning of her name, locals had told me of Lanie's story as I approached the Richmond metro area on foot. This past Sunday, on my way into central Richmond, I reached Lanie's roadside memorial (ghost bike) and spent probably ten minutes meditating there. Upon doing so, I felt a strong, powerful. I strongly bowed in honor, and proceeded forward. Upon proceeding forward, I did not at all notice the large, semi-shattered glass vase resting next to the ghost bike. A large, sharp piece of glass penetrated my left foot while walking by. I ended up receiving a handful of stitches from the friendly staff at Retreat Doctors' Hospital.
I've been pretty immobile since, as I await full and complete healing of my left foot before continuing on to my final goal of Washington, DC, on my own these two feet. During my off-the-road days, I've taken the time to research the story of the previously-unknown-to-me young lady whose memorial I was paying homage to this past Sunday. Not only did I find Lanie's name and story, I also found the website her Uncle Tim created and devoted to her memory-- and I found the light-filled column you published months later in the Henrico Citizen.
Looking back at this past week, meeting your daughter's roadside memorial, and sustaining the only ER visit of the Walk in the process, I'm remembering the words of the many people whom I've met over the thousands of miles who continue to tell me that "things happen for a reason." I cannot claim to have any deep insight of the greater cosmic mystery surrounding us ("God"), but in the face of any wound, I always wish to seek opportunity. Absent the ER visit, I don't know that I would have taken the time to research the full story online. Having done so, however, and having read the light-filled words you published months later, I'm interested in teaming up with you and others.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to walk some miles on my foot by this coming Saturday, May 18. 4,500 miles in, and almost to Washington, DC, I'd like to devote my Richmond/Henrico miles to your daughter's memory, with the outward message to all drivers of being extra mindful, aware and cautious of bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Across the miles, I too have come across some close calls with drivers. I therefore am wondering if you and/or any family/friends may be interested in joining me for either minutes or miles, from the River Road ghost bike memorial, into and across Richmond/Henrico Co..?

Either way, if possible, I'd love to at least meet any of you before departing from the area...

Waves of Strength, Peace, Light & Love,

George Throop
Walk of Inspiration Across America

Richmond Community High School

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In Loving Memory...